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PRACTICAL PHILOSOPHY- This term is now free!


Please note that following the advice from NHS and Government to avoid meeting in person wherever possible our School will offer all courses online via Zoom next term. 

At this time when everyone in the whole world is facing a new situation and we all need to play our part in protecting those who might be particularly vulnerable, this seems to be wise.

Living wisely is at the heart of our Practical Philosophy course.  At a time when so many are confused as to how to respond to this situation we are keen to continue to offer our course to as many as want it.

This ten-week course is designed to calm the mind and help uncover the true self. Practice of exercises drawn from philosophical traditions of both East and West allow freedom from petty concerns and help us learn to distinguish what is important from what is not. These exercises, if they become part of everyday life, reconnect us with the present moment that is the essence of mindfulness. 

Group discussion over three terms includes topics such as wisdom, consciousness, reason, beauty and the unity underlying all things.

Because of the corona vivus and restrictions on meetings in person which will probably continue for the whole term we are offering this course online,live and free. For more details about how to enrol click the link below:


The next term starts on Monday April 27th and runs for 10 sessions


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