Welcome to Practical Philosophy Oxford

A ten week evening course


We are the Oxford Branch of the School of Economic Science, with Head Offices in London. Further information on the School as a whole is available through the website www.schooleconomicscience.org.

Both the parent school and its branches are run as an independent educational charity.

We meet one evening a week in three ten-weekly terms per year. The Introductory Course lasts one year.  Those completing the course can, if they wish, return for further terms where the issues covered in the course are examined in greater detail. At that stage, students have the opportunity to be introduced to meditation.

We meet at Regent Oxford, a language school at 90 Banbury Road, Oxford, OX2 6JT. Refreshments are served midway through the evening when students have the opportunity to meet and mingle with students doing other courses, whether philosophy or economics. Tutors are senior students of the School and offer their time for free; the fees we charge are solely to cover the costs of the building and administration.